The Power in Pausing: Creating Space for Inspiration, by Robyn Silverton

People see ‘time out’ as a separate, even disruptive, energy in their workday. However, it actually feeds our flow and is an integral part of productivity for the rest of the day: the energy of Action is powered by the energy of just Being. This therefore links directly to inspiration itself – to nourish inspiration we have to refuel ourselves, as freshness can come only through space and awareness.

It echoes the rhythm of the breath, our essential life force: inspire literally means ‘in spirit’, and yet on a practical level we can’t be ‘in spirit’ or move into freshness if we haven’t exhaled old energy and made the space for inspiration to enter in. It’s a vital part of the process, not an extra thing to fit in on top of your day.

We regularly practice these values in our Shoreditch coworking space through our Weekday Wellness programme, as well as many other weekly events that aim to make more space for freedom and connection in our busy urban lives. We hope to consciously invite wellness back into the London workplace – within our own community and beyond.

As such, we are very grateful to have 42 practitioner, friend, and founder of The Holistic Shift, Robyn Silverton, sharing her wisdom on the topic of pausing and how it is in fact a necessary means of empowerment:

I am delighted to contribute to 42 Acres’ post on inspiration. It’s a theme that emerges in almost every yoga class and one-to-one healing session I’ve ever been a part of – both as the practitioner and as the client.

Because when people are looking to feel better in a particular area – or, more often, in life in general – identifying the things that inspire and, in turn, nourish them is very often a powerful reminder and remedy.

Time and time again I’ve found that when clients are led in guided visualisation to a moment and place they felt inspired, they experience a renewed sense of openness, ease and joy.

We tend to navigate our way through daily life amongst myriad fixed routines and historic patterns – both in our doing and our thinking. We’re often acting unconsciously, in a form of default mode, unaware that our habits are running the show. However, when we factor inspiration into our lives, our energy naturally shifts and we’re inspired to live from a much more conscious and content state.

Essentially, inspiration enables us to plug back into a big, powerful source, which reminds us of how expansive we can be.

So, how then do we – or can we – weave inspiration into our lives?

Most often it can be found in the activities we choose for their own intrinsic pleasure, whether that be art, music, exercise, travel, spending quality time with people, or a combination. All of these can take us out of the mundane and into inspiration zone. By taking the time to enjoy something purely for its own ends, we give ourselves the opportunity to open up to a world of wonder and curiosity, which I believe to be the cornerstones of inspired living.

For many of us these activities are usually add-ons; we seek them out only after all the other stuff is accomplished. But if we take our wellbeing seriously it might mean that inspiration needs to take a higher priority in our lives.

One of the great values of a regular meditation practice is that you clear space in your overactive mind, which can then be filled from the realms of possibility.

With that in mind, my three guideposts would be:

  1. Re-read your favourite childhood book and allow yourself to open to the magic that once enchanted you. For my imagination it was / is always ‘the randomer the better’!
  1. Listen to people’s stories; maybe through podcasts, TED talks, or even better, in everyday interactions. This for me has been and still is one of the greatest sources of inspiration.
  1. Create and savour time in nature. Whatever setting you choose – garden, beach, field, outback, woodland, mountains, river, or anywhere else – this is probably the most guaranteed way to feel inspired and alive.

Inspiration helps us access a higher frequency of being and galvanises a creative energy (which can come in many forms: from quiet gentle whisper or a loud passionate roar) that enables us to reconnect with our infinite potential. And when we choose to live from this space we are far more able to adopt an openhearted and connected approach to everything and everyone around us.

Inspiration is a way of turning on your own light, and as Marianne Williamson so brilliantly put it: “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

So take a breath – the first and foremost source of inspiration – and receive the gifts it brings.

  • Words by Robyn Silverton.

Robyn holds a weekly session at 42 ACRES Shoreditch on Wednesdays at 12.15pm-1pm, Pause & Plug-In, as part of our Weekday Wellness Programme.

She is also holding a Yin Workshop on Thursday 29th November with Louise de Menthon of Loup Yoga – please follow the ticket link to join the waitlist.

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