Yoga, Meditation and Enquiry

Jan 11 - 13 2019

A women-only retreat

This weekend is an opportunity to retreat deeply into yourself, supported by nature and community; to wake up to the wonder of life. We will integrate active and passive yoga, meditation in stillness and movement, exploring both silence and mindful dialogue. All with the intention of fully touching each moment as it arises. Much of the retreat time will be held in social silence, where you will be guided to discover the wonderful benefits of relaxing our habit of communicating outwardly, to encourage a deeper inner communing to arise.

The focus of the weekend will be to cleanse, re-vitalise, re-centre and re-connect. It will be a time of clarifying and purifying, letting go of what no longer supports us and making space for the new.

TO BOOK please contact Ayala on:

For accommodation and food:
£390 for single accommodation and all meals
£310 for twin accommodation and all meals
For my teaching: I will ask you to reflect on what you received from the weekend and what you would like to offer in return. I trust you to choose an amount that is right for you. I suggest an amount that feels like you are making a real commitment that reflects my own commitment, and that respects your financial situation. (As a guideline, many people offer between £80-120 per day for teaching)


Practitioner: Ayala Gill

Ayala Gill has been teaching yoga, meditation and psychospiritual enquiry for over twenty years. Her work draws on in-depth studies in Iyengar yoga, yin yoga, Buddhist meditation and an ongoing surrender to the mystery of the heart. She brings together physical precision, meridian theory, stillness and movement to honour the heart’s knowing and liberate the being. Her only true qualification is her authenticity, but formal qualifications include Iyengar yoga to intermediate level, Mindfulness teacher and mentor, and endorsed Insight Yoga teacher and mentor with Sarah Powers.

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