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Aug 4 6 2017
Friday 4th Aug to Sunday 6th Aug 2017

Xochi Balfour: The Beauty Way – Awaken the Feminine


Join Xochi Balfour at 42 Acres Somerset for her The Beauty Way: Awaken the Feminine Retreat. This immersive workshop invites women to gather together in a nourishing, sacred space to relax, share and explore our feminine essence.

For further information please visit: http://www.thenaturalista.co.uk/retreat-beauty-way-nourishing-feminine-august-4-6/ or email: hello@thenaturalista.co.uk

Practitioners: Xochi BalfourRaaji Dessena


Xochi is a holistic wellness guide and Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist (Dip NT, CNM). Through her writing and work with groups and individuals, she explores all areas of vitality – combining diet, natural healing and various methods of spiritual inquiry to guide her readers and clients in cultivating more balance and harmony within and without. She recently published her first book, The Naturalista: nourishing recipes to live well.

She holds regular retreats with her husband Ben and works with teachers near and far to deepen her understanding of what it means to be well in the 21st century. Through her nutritional therapy coaching, she works with individuals to rebalance and re-empower themselves through holistic nutrition, mindful self-practice and daily ritual.​


Raaji is therapist, healer and artist. She is trained in several modalities, including different types of body and healing work, trauma healing (after P. Levine), Gestalt therapy, energy work, continuum movement and yoga, and she is a Reiki Master. She has spent time in the Amazon where she studied with Curanderos, and is also learning from the grandmothers of South America about their way of living, praying and healing. She is also a trained dancer and movement teacher, a musician and painter.

Raaji’s main focus is to provide a safe space in which everyone can explore, uncover and expand into an inherent and authentic flow with themselves and with life. Her work is known for its honest integrity, gentle yet profound healing, and authentic and embodied empowerment.