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Apr 5 8 2018
Thursday 5th Apr to Sunday 8th Apr 2018

The Zen Leader


Amidst the fears and disruptions of our times, never has the need for more awakened leadership been greater.  For leaders facing into all this change, never have they needed the embodied agility, resilience and non-dual wisdom of Zen leadership more.

Training with us is not about thoughts or a belief system, but about physical transformation to sense and serve the whole picture, leading from your whole self.  That’s Big.

Purpose: to resource leaders with the tools of Zen training and the applied “flips” of The Zen Leader, enabling more authentic, agile and embodied leadership that creates a better world. Come with a leadership challenge and leave with not only a different approach, but a different you approaching it.


  • Reframe challenges – guaranteed
  • Learn the 4 modes of leadership and how to bring out the energy that does each one best
  • Find greater centeredness, access to power, a quieter mind, stronger influencing skills, better decision making, and how to bring about a desired future
  • Connect to a community and resources to help you sustain your practice

Includes breathing exercises, physical conditioning, meditation, and an introductory session of bodywork, set amidst a stunning natural environment.

Thursday, 6pm April 5th- 1pm Sunday April 8th

£1,100/1,455.92 USD Double Ensuite (2 available)

£950/1,257.38 USD Shared Twin, shared bathroom (4 available)

The lodging is elegant and comfortable and comes in a variety of room sizes. Several partial scholarships are available.

For further information please contact Andy Robins at andy@institutezenleadership.org.

Practitioner: Ginny Jiko Whitelaw

Ginny Jiko Whitelaw is the President of the Institute for Zen Leadership. She began her Zen training under Tanouye Roshi and Hosokawa Roshi, and continued under Greene Roshi, from whom she received inka. Whitelaw Roshi was ordained as a priest in the Chozen-ji line of Rinzai Zen in 1996.

Dr. Whitelaw is also the President of Focus Leadership, and has, for nearly 20 years, developed leaders at such companies as Novartis, Dell, Merck, T. Rowe Price, Sprint, Mercer, Ascension Health, and JNJ. She has authored 3 books including, The Zen Leader, and co-developed the FEBI® – a personality assessment linking mind and body.

Formerly the Deputy Manager for integrating NASA’s Space Station Program, she holds a doctorate in biophysics, as well as a 5th degree black belt in Aikido.