The WHOLE and HOLY Life of BEES

Sep 7 - 9 2018
We welcome Jacqueline Freeman and her pioneering Bee Retreat at The Hermitage, a weekend that will unfold as an embracing immersion into our communion with the essential nature of bees.
Jacqueline’s book ‘Song of Increase’ explores her profoundly humbling approach, a visionary journey that evolved from 14 years with them on her U.S. biodynamic farm.
This is not a how-to-keep-bees workshop. Rather it is a wonderful journey together into the sacred relationship that emerges when we meet life, in all its forms, in deep respect and reverence.
Expect joy! This weekend will be a fulfilling exploration for bee keepers, bee lover’s and those who recognise that new ways are emerging in our relations with Nature, ways that are profoundly enriching to all Life.


  • Full Weekend Residential (Shared Room) – £370 per person
    Arrive from 6pm Friday 7th Sep; leave 4pm Sunday 9th
    All organic meals included, shared rooms (max 3 persons) w/ shared bathrooms
  • Full Weekend Residential (Private Room) – £420 per person
    Arrive from 6pm Friday; leave 10am Sunday
    All organic meals included, Private room w/ shared bathroom
  • Non Residential Full Weekend – £210 pp
    Sat & Sunday 10am – 4pm
    Includes Organic lunch both days
  • Non Residential (Saturday only) – £105 pp
    10am – 4pm
    Includes Organic lunch


Practitioner: Jacqueline Freeman

Jacqueline Freeman is a biodynamic farmer and natural beekeeper who focuses on seeing the world from the bees’ perspective. Working in communication with the bee family, she is known for her gentle and understanding ways with bees. Jacqueline authored the book, “Song of Increase: Listening to the Wisdom of Honeybees for Kinder Beekeeping and a Better World.” She appears in the honeybee documentary, “Queen of the Sun” and was hired by the USDA to work with rural farmers and beekeepers in Dominican Republic using historic methods of respectful beekeeping. Jacqueline’s website,, has videos of her working in the midst of thousands of bees, free of protective equipment, celebrating the caring and considerate ways humans and bees can exist in harmony.
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