The Bridge – An Emotional Healing Experience

Aug 13 - 18 2019

The Bridge is a spiritual experience that unfolds in three phases

1.The Past

In order to fully inhabit the present moment, you go back in time to complete unfinished business, such as unresolved family and ancestral wounding, negative school experiences, missed life opportunities and significant losses. You are safely supported to fully grieve, surrender and move beyond your negative past.

2.The Present

In this phase you address powerful internal blocks, defence strategies and self limiting beliefs that prevent you from moving forward. These blocks may be related to your self-worth, relationships, career, money, boundaries or life-purpose and you will explore your capacity to give and receive love. You are skilfully guided to become wholly present to your life and your world.

3.The Future

Through fresh-eyes you allow a new way to be present to yourself. As a result of the transformational retreat processes in Phases One and Two, you fully access your inner wisdom and trust in Universal support. This phase focuses on integration, gratitude, service and Grace. You are unencumbered by the myth of thoughts, embodying a place of trust, truth and love.

Each of these three phases merge seamlessly into the next through the use of a powerful mixture of silence, catharsis, meditation, visualisation, witnessing, ritual, expressive breath and body work, movement, dance, touch and the healing power of love.

The sessions contain individual, group and personal work.


A £500 deposit is required on booking with full payment within 6 weeks of the retreat start date.

£2650 (incl. VAT) accommodation in a twin or triple room.
All prices include tuition, pre & post retreat support, full board & refreshments.  (Travel not included). Please note some rooms have ensuite facilities and some require a bathroom share with one other room.

Single Rooms

Limited single rooms are available for an additional supplement. Please enquire when booking.


“Donna Lancaster is one of the most inspiring people I know…The Bridge Retreat might just be the best time, effort and money you will ever spend.” Thandie Newton

“It’s the most beneficial work anyone can ever do-inner work on yourself. For people to be walking around, equipped with the means to move towards living peacefully within their own world, is great. Who doesn’t want that?! It transformed my life.” Jordan Stephens, Musician and Writer

“Since crossing The Bridge a black crow has lifted from my heart and flown away; a floating ballerina amongst the flowers now resides.” Ginny Edgar

” What The Bridge offered me was an acceptance and understanding of who I am and the chance to process and grieve what I needed to let go of.” Jessica Bendien

For more information and to book please contact:

Practitioner: Led by highly trained and experienced facilitators

Each retreat is led by two of our highly trained team – Facilitator Biographies  

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