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Aug 21 26 2017
Monday 21st Aug to Saturday 26th Aug 2017

The Bridge – An Emotional Healing Experience


The Bridge is a new five-day personal development experience that takes you on an amazing inner journey of discovery and remembering.

Founder Donna Lancaster developed The Bridge in response to the needs of her clients for deep healing and a desire to live in love and truth.

The Bridge is an emotional detox retreat that unfolds in three phases:

1. The Past

In order to fully inhabit the present moment, you go back in time to complete unfinished business, such as unresolved family and ancestral wounding, negative school experiences, missed life opportunities and significant losses. You are safely supported to fully grieve, surrender and move beyond your negative past.

2. The Present

In this phase you address powerful internal blocks, defence strategies and self limiting beliefs that prevent you from moving forward. These blocks may be related to your self-worth, relationships, career, money, boundaries or life-purpose and you will explore your capacity to give and receive love. You are skilfully guided to become wholly present to your life and your world.

3. The Future

Through fresh-eyes you allow a new way to be present to yourself. As a result of the transformational retreat processes in Phases One and Two, you fully access your inner wisdom and trust in Universal support. This phase focuses on integration, gratitude, service and Grace. You are unencumbered by the myth of thoughts, embodying a place of trust, truth and love.

Each of these three phases merge seamlessly into the next through the use of a powerful mixture of silence, catharsis, meditation, visualisation, witnessing, ritual, expressive breath and body work, movement, dance, touch and the healing power of love.

The sessions contain individual, group and personal work.

To book please contact: www.thebridgeretreat.com


A £500 deposit is required on booking with full payment within 6 weeks of the retreat start date.

£2400 (incl. VAT) accommodation in a triple room
£2500 (incl.VAT) accommodation in a twin room

All prices include tuition, pre & post retreat support, full board & refreshments.  (Travel not included). Please note some rooms have ensuite facilities and some require a bathroom share with one other room.


Limited single rooms are available for an additional supplement. Please enquire when booking.

Practitioners: Donna LancasterGabi Krueger

Donna has been working with individuals, couples and groups for over twenty years. She originally trained as a social worker, specialising in child protection and worked extensively within this and related fields for ten years.. In 2007 Donna qualified as a Hoffman Teacher with the Hoffman Institute UK and became a Supervising Hoffman Teacher in 2009. She then went onto become their Head of Teaching between 2011-2013.

Donna completed the Imago Relationship Clinical Training Programme in 2009 and also trained with the Centre for Systemic Constellations in 2014 to support her work in appreciating and honouring the ancestral influences and dynamics. Her work is heavily influenced by the teachings of David Richo and Sobonfu Some. Donna is passionate about the subject of grief and the grieving process which she believes offers the missing link for many in their search for wholeness. This interest stemmed from her own very personal experience of ‘depression’ which she suffered from for many years, and now knows to have in fact been unprocessed grief. Donna uses a variety of approaches including ancient ritual practices to support people to grieve and move on from their losses. These losses can include bereavements, divorce and separation, loss of innocence, betrayals of trust, identity, empty nest syndrome and lost opportunities.

Gabi, is looking back at 20 years of work in the field of self-development and healing. She is a ITEC quallified Holistic Therapist with a history of Energy Healing and Aromatherapy. She also studied Transpersonal Psychology with IAPP, Düsseldorf, Germany and holds a qualification as an Advanced Counsellor with IAPP with a strong focus on Jungian Psychology, body based approaches of Wilhelm Reich and Bioenergetics by Alexander Lowen.

During her years of living in Singapore she was fortunate to study and practise various buddhist approaches and was a student at Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery. From 2000 until 2005 she ran her own coaching practice in Bahrain, her place of residency at the time. During this time Gabi especially enjoyed organising and delivering lectures and hosting workshops on various transpersonal topics, eg. East meets West, understanding our being through ancient Chakra philosophies and western psychology, sacred contracts, archetypes, meditation, vibrational medicine, etc. Upon her return to Europe in 2006 she trained and worked as a Hoffman teacher in the UK and the Middle East. She was promoted to Supervising Teacher in 2012.

Gabi has also received training in the following modalities:
Imago Therapy, NVC by Marshal Rosenberg, Trauma Training Peter Levine, NLP and more. Her work has been inspired by the work of Angeles Arrien PH.D., cultural anthropologiest, Carolyn Myss and David Richo just to name a few.