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Mar 23 25 2018
Friday 23rd Mar to Sunday 25th Mar 2018

Springtime Awakening – Yoga Retreat


Come join us as we embrace the vibrancy of spring to help wake up and revitalise your body, mind and spirit on our yoga retreat.

Spring represents an awakening of the senses and an opportunity to shed unwanted layers as we emerge from cosy hibernation during the colder months. Come join us as we embrace the vibrancy of spring to help wake up and revitalise your body, mind and spirit:

  • BODY – Be nourished with delicious healthy food and stretched with both dynamic and restorative yoga sessions.
  • MIND – Quieten and focus your busy whirling thoughts and worries with mindfulness and guided meditations.
  • SPIRIT – Feel uplifted as you immerse yourself in our beautiful inspiring surroundings and connect with other like-minded women.

Embrace a sense of renewal as you dust off old layers and begin to bloom and blossom with the first rays of spring sunshine.

Read on for more details of this beautiful weekend…


On this weekend our sessions will be especially designed to focus on releasing toxins and stored physical (and emotional) tension so you feel renewed and re-energised..

From the yoga postures sequencing, to the music playlist, to the essential oils used for your ‘savasana’ head massage at the end of the session – all elements are carefully chosen by Suzanne to provide you with a full sensory experience.

The yoga sessions are suitable for all levels. So whether you are a super bendy experienced yogi or would simply like to maybe touch your toes one day, Suzanne will make sure that each one of you benefits from the class 100% and steps out afterwards feeling amazing.

Our sessions will take place in the beautiful Yurt and 42 Acres’ beautiful room in front of an open fire – it really will be quite magical.

  • Nourish Yourself with Essential Oils
    An informal session (think cosy socks and herbal tea!) where we will gather to not only learn about the benefits of essential oils but we’ll even make a luxurious body oil using some of the most divine smelling oils! Think Wild Orange, Lavender and Frankincense in a base of organic, cold pressed almond oil. Forget about expensive lotions and potions, you’ll leave knowing exactly how to create an elixir of your own that will smell a thousand times more delicious!
  • Hypnotic Hip Opening Yoga Workshop
    Love or hate them – hip opening yoga poses are hugely beneficial for relieving pent-up both physical and emotional stress and tension in the body. We will explore the anatomy of the hips as well as tips and tricks to do the postures in the best way to get the most benefit and avoid injury. You will feel like you just float out of the class!
  • Release & Renew Circle
    A powerful (optional) sharing group circle where we hold the space to listen to other’s stories and can share our own (aka – get things off your chest!).

Start: Friday 23 March at 6pm (arrive anytime from 4pm to enjoy the peaceful surroundings)

Finish: Sunday 25 March at 4pm

Investment: From £349 to £499 (depending on type of room option taken).  


  • Nutritious, local and organic meals prepared by our personal chef
  • Morning invigorating yoga sessions
  • Evening restorative yoga sessions
  • Bedtime guided meditations to relax and still your mind for a deep and restful sleep.
  • Hypnotic Hip Opening Workshop
  • Release & Renew Circle
  • Essential Oils Workshop
  • Nature walk
  • Two nights accommodation
  • Care & support from our team and from the other women who come together with many shared experiences.

Find out more here: http://www.suzannecork.com/events/springtime-awakening-retreat/

To book or if you need further info email: hello@suzannecork.com

Practitioner: Suzanne Cork

Passionate about all things healthy and an advocate for organic living, Suzanne is a certified nutritional therapist and a yoga instructor who creates innovative holistic retreats for women who need to reground, relax and recharge. Her retreats incorporate healthy food and inspiring workshops and are aimed at women from all walks of life from professionals, entrepreneurs and artists to her most recent venture for new mums and babies.

Suzanne specialises in vinyasa flow yoga but also loves teaching restorative and yin yoga. She is currently completing her 500 hour advanced training with Tiffany Cruikshank (Yoga Medicine) focussing on learning how to use yoga to improve or heal injuries and medical conditions.

In her quieter moments you might find her wandering around her favourite organic markets, reading or experimenting with new healthy recipes.