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Sep 24 27 2018
Monday 24th Sep to Thursday 27th Sep 2018

Sound of Self


‘Journey to Assertive Freedom’ – 3 Day Immersive Programme 


The programme takes you on a journey to truly understand where assertiveness begins and how you might actualise this communication state in all your relationships, professionally and personally.
Theresa created this programme, in response to an overwhelming need from her clients to help develop their assertiveness; to have a more confident, grounded and influential presence.

Oftentimes, the tensions in communication, what Theresa calls the ‘swinging pendulum’ of how we can show up with each other, manifests itself in multiple ways. Overthinking what to say, fear, judgment, physical tensions, highly emotional responses or becoming highly controlled, verbose or withdrawn, strained, transmitting or pushing vocally are just some of the many indications that we’re operating at the mercy of the ‘swinging pendulum’.
Theresa has created a place where you can explore how to become free of these human limitations, regain balance and experience new ways of freely expressing your Self and your needs, so that they can be heard and acted upon by others. This is Assertive Freedom.

The 3 day journey is a fusion of disciplines, that explores the subtle interplay of the physical, intellectual and emotional worlds that serve to provide an assertive Self.
This is an experiential journey and will draw on a variety of different mediums, including exploration of intellectual perceptions, emotional states and defenses, gentle movement of the body, sounding, vocal and guided meditations, your stories and reflective journaling.
You’ll be provided a safe, nurturing and nourishing space and encouraged to be playful, have some fun and fully explore your own Assertive Self.

Connecting from a place of Assertive Freedom increases our understanding, confidence, well-being, creativity and productivity. It resolves conflict, tensions and misunderstandings. Dissolving the ‘swinging pendulum’ is fundamental to transforming our human communication and relationships.

Cost for the 3 day programme is £1,500 plus VAT and includes all accommodation, food, drinks and 3 days facilitation. This is an immersive programme and will run with a maximum of 10 participants.

For more details and booking please drop me a line or call, happy to help.

Email: theresa@aurora.gb.net
Website: www.aurora.gb.net
Mobile: +44 (0)7824 633200

Practitioner: Theresa Adrienne

Theresa has over 25 years senior corporate experience, working with businesses across the world. She is a business psychologist and coach, delivering leadership and communication development programmes. Trained in Voice Studies to Masters level at Royal School of Speech & Drama and studied to Advanced level with Nikki Slade to lead Kirtan, a vocal meditation that draws on the ancient root language of Sanskrit. Theresa is committed to personal development that considers the whole human experience and uses an integrated approach to support others in their exploration of Self.

And this is why I do what I do, thank you.

“Our sessions helped set me on an upwards trajectory and I now feel more confident and at ease with myself than I have for many years… I’ve dealt well recently with some really tough meetings. It feels like I had taken one step back but have since taken two steps forward” – Professional Services

“I’ve been reflecting and the magnitude of what we worked through is really landing with me and I’m working through it… so much to absorb.. focused on the bright future…so worthwhile!” – Utilities 

“Thank you for your time, dedication and patience, I feel so lucky to have gotten this opportunity. I have passed on [the learnings] to members in my own team when I see them doubting themselves or struggling with anxiety” – FMCG

“Theresa, it’s been great working with you, it’s been complete fresh air and I’ve really enjoyed it. The feedback was very positive and thought I nailed the speech. I want more!”  – Wealth Management  – C Level

“I have really enjoyed working together. You have helped me gain clarity about the priority of purpose in my talks. Also you have really helped with my confidence in connecting with the audience” – FMCG – C Level