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Sep 22 24 2017
Friday 22nd Sep to Sunday 24th Sep 2017

Sacred Intentions Yoga Retreat

Come and join us in a space that will nurture a connection to all things sacred. Sacred intention, sacred union with our inner divinity and sacred connection to yoga and the spirit of the cacao!

As the earth moves toward a place of balanced light, once again we will use our yoga practice to help us slow down our pace of life stepping into a place of equilibrium, reflection and deep inner listening helping us to transition gently into the subtle hibernation of Autumn and Winter.

There are many gifts from turning inwards we just need the space to hear them! This is a Yoga Retreat with many layers of learning and unraveling, you will experience the JOY of circle, ceremony, yoga, sharing stories, laughter, delicious foods, sound healing, meditation and the harmony of being connected to nature immersed in beauty and bliss.

We will we flow together through a variety of nourishing workshops throughout the weekend to bring a deeper connection to mind-body awareness, and a greater sense of the divine within.

Together we will explore traditional yogic philosophy, expressive sequencing, precise modern alignment, intuitive movement, weaving together the ancient and the modern to enable us to share a rich and layered experience of yoga.
These beautiful forms will all be expressed through the Vinyasa flow, Yin yoga flow, yoga nidra, mantra and ceremony.

We are very excited to be holding a sacred cacao ceremony on this retreat. This will draw us deeply into the space of the heart, where boundaries no longer exist and all things are possible! You will be taken on a journey to your inner magnificence and explore the wonders of this magical world.

Early Bird prices end July 22nd! £25 discount to existing clients.

Master Ensuite £575

King £535

Double Ensuite Cottage £500

Double Ensuite House £535

Twin Ensuite Cottage w/Living Space £485

Twin Ensuite Cottage £450

Twin £425

Luxury Dorm £410

Your payment includes all workshops, food, accommodation, classes and use of the facilities.

We are providing high quality yoga retreats at very reasonable prices so have limited spaces!

To book your place on a retreat please email us!!

We will send you the booking details.


We are New Moon Yoga and we WELCOME YOU on this journey with us!

We are two women. Soul sisters. We are fellow yoginis, teachers and dance artists co-creating together to bring the wisdom of yoga to the masses. Sharing our united passion for spiritual practice and growth we wish to facilitate you on this journey to inner stillness and self LOVE.

It is our greatest joy and our greatest honor to be able to share these life enhancing yoga retreats with you as a way to manifest your hearts desires.

We offer retreats in stunning parts of the UK where the magic of the English land holds a special place for us to gather together to explore the ancient art of yoga and deep surrender.

Our retreats are a safe and nurturing place to create a mind body connection while gently working through various cleansing techniques and learning how to truly embrace a new sense of vitality within your self. We hold a LOVING and supported space for you to enhance your yoga practice and take the time you need for deep relaxation and self-inquiry. Together we are passionate about providing a sacred space which encompasses health on all levels to bring a true sense of wellbeing and balance into ones life. We draw strongly from our roots as dancers to facilitate a process of full body and spirit connection, believing that through deep awareness and organic movement we are able to touch SPIRIT, feel our bliss body and begin to create a relationship with the divine.​

Practitioners: Emily KatsunoChelan Freeman

Emily came to yoga through her career as a professional dancer and was amazed by how much strength and flexibility she gained and was soon encapsulated by the practice as a whole and made many pilgrimages to India. Since then yoga has become her lifestyle and she lives, breathes, moves, and sings it as much as she can!

Emily received her Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamshala, India from Yoga Life and continued to live in Asia immersing herself in the practice and teaching of yoga. Since returning to the U.K she has trained as a Yoga Therapist and Pregnancy yoga teacher with the Devon School of Yoga on their Post-Graduate Yoga Therapy Course and has studied yin yoga with Norman Blair. Emily lives a life immersed in nature just outside of Ashburton in Devon where she teaches yoga full time.

Emily’s classes weave together inspiration from a myriad of yoga practices, other ancient traditions and a deep connection to breath and Mother Earth. There is always a holistic, meditative approach as well as taking into account the cycles of the moon, the rhythm of nature and how everyone feels on that day!

She enjoy’s the interweaving of solar yang energies and lunar yin energies and you will often find there are a combination of dynamic, strengthening and energising sequences coupled with a sense of softness, release and letting go.

There is a beauty in both movement and stillness, strength and softness, dynamic and gentle and all of these elements are woven into her teachings, each class a journey designed to heal and connect us to all the layers of ourselves from the physical body all the way through to the spirit being. Classes are a musical voyage with devotional, awakening, inspiring music and mantra used to enhance the connection to the heart space and revitalise us on a cellular level.

‘At the heart of it all I seek to encourage others to feel the freedom, joy and empowerment that comes from uncovering the full potential of the body, mind, heart and spirit! These are the gifts that yoga has given to me’

Chelan is a passionate and dedicated 500hr qualified Yogi, Dance Artist and qualified Thai Yoga Massage Therapist trusting the mystical path that she feels blessed to be on! Chelan has explored many different healing modalities throughout her life and is an experienced, humble and gifted Yoga teacher.

Chelan’s teachings are authentic and diverse drawing from many wise teachings from across the ages giving her a rich understanding in holistic health. Truly honoring all aspects of this life changing practice, incorporating breath work and meditation into her teachings. She brings ancient wisdom to the modern day yogi.

Chelan shares the healing qualities of Yoga with her clients so they can deeply connect to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sides of themselves. Her own personal journey has been challenged with illness which has gifted her a deeper understanding of the benefits of Yoga. Her exploration and experiences with Shamanic work are also very present in her teachings and invite self inquiry and a journey into the mystical realms. Chelan has traveled the world learning from many well renoned teachers and feels like her mission on earth is to spread these healing tools and be part of helping others find peace and healing.

Teaching from her heart she shares her love and gifts through Asana practice holding a space for transformation with an emphasis on flow of breath, proper alignment cues and therapeutic uplifting themes. The play between strength and softness, an equal dance of energies.Attention is always brought to individual expression through movement within clear sequences, while balancing yin and yang elements to feel at harmony with nature. She weaves her connection to spirit throughout her classes creating a poetic atmosphere supported by music and gentle adjustments.