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Dec 2 4 2016
Friday 2nd Dec to Sunday 4th Dec 2016

Men’s Circle Winter Retreat


Where is a foot worthy to walk a garden, or an eye that deserves to look at trees? Show me a man willing to be thrown in the fire.

Rumi understood men often lose the ability to be wild and free. As boys we explored and roamed the wilderness in packs. We learned from one another. But many of us also grew up without real elder guidance of how to consciously transition into being a fully functional man in a modern society that lacks ancient rites of passage. Now is the time to throw ourselves into the fire of initiation, ritual and growth.

This December weekend is for men who want to relax, release and disarm in service of becoming a more integrated man. We’ll talk, use gentle group therapeutic techniques, write, align our bodies and our thinking and delve into some ancestral practices. We’ll connect to the basic elements of sun, air, earth, water, and fire in a way that is personally meaningful. Our weekend will be structured but not fixed. We’ll oscillate from challenging ourselves to open deeply to relaxing and having fun together as we integrate our insights.
Move away from the mundane into a place of deep natural beauty. Be guided by the wisdom of the circle as we stand side by side and support each man’s willingness to engage with his own internal fire.

The circle begins on Friday evening 7.06pm (two hours after sunset) and completes on the Sunday sunset at 4.05pm after which there will be some food and time to pack for a 17.15pm departure.
You will receive a more detailed information pack prior to the weekend which will ask you to prepare certain things for the retreat.

Three beds in the luxe dorm in the eves of the main house: £325
Five luxe twin rooms: £375
Four luxe double rooms to spread out: £450
Three ensuite luxe rooms for ultimate privacy: £500

If you cannot pay the lowest rate but would like to attend then please let us know. We will try to figure out a solution. If you are happy to pay more then perhaps you’d like to put an amount towards a bursary for another man.

If you drive please communicate with us to help others travel to Somerset.
We recommend pre-booking these Waterloo to Gillingham (Dorset) trains:
Friday December 2: WAT 15.50pm (P10) to GIL 17.47pm (£16.40)
Sunday December 4: GIL (P1) 17.52pm to WAT (P10) (£11.00)

Please contact menscircleretreat@gmail.com

Practitioner: Philip Bergkvist

Trudging the traditional path, Philip lived a life of abbreviations and accroynms: BScs, MScs, CEMS in Econ & Mgt at the LSE, LDN and ESADE, BCN, consulting as a BA at McK&Co in NYC.
Then, in his mid 20s, in a hotel in the middle of nowhere, working another late night on complex excel forecast models to help a client make even more money, he called his mum to say that he’d had enough. She offered the perennial nugget “Oh, you’ll get used to it”, which triggered Philip’s first original thought. “No”. The beginning of a new life of creative entrepreneurship and travelling the world, participating in workshops and events on a personal experimental quest in health, growth, psychology and leadership. Over the last decade this quest crystalised how to bring the often conflicting demands of work, family, relationship, solitude, health, growth into some kind of harmony. In particular how these dynamics play out and shape men, subconsciously defining their journey through life.