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Jul 26 29 2018
Thursday 26th Jul to Sunday 29th Jul 2018

Kindfulness Self-Retreat


Kindfulness is mindfulness with lots of kindness. Quite often nowadays, we can end up being too hard on ourselves. Trying too hard. Even putting too much effort in meditation or yoga. Filling our lives with things to do. And even in the small moments when there’s nothing to do, our phone addictions keep us busy some more. We all need time to stop – do less and be more. It’s in letting go that we get energised – not putting even more effort in.

So this is an invitation to do nothing. Rest. Relax. Recharge. It’s called a self-retreat because most of the time you will be encouraged to spend time resting, being kind to yourself, rather than trying to get something done. Trusting in the power of allowing life to unfold naturally, without too much planning.

In this retreat, all sessions will be optional, and you’ll be reminded of that fact too. You can sleep for all four days if you want! We encourage not only meditation, but also beditation.

There will be two sessions each day. Each morning there’ll be a guided kindfulness meditation. And one more short talk and guided meditation each evening.

During the day, you’ll have space and time to do what you wish! Or even better, do nothing. There may be some arts and crafts activities available if you wish. You can go for walks, talk with other participants, talk and ask Shamash questions if you wish, journal or best of all, practice being silent. One of the days will be fully silent to help everyone deepen their stillness – if you’ve not tried that before, it’s easier than you think, and ends up being a real treat.

Practitioner: Shamash Alidina

Shamash has been practising mindfulness since 1998 and runs his own successful fully online Mindfulness Teacher Training organisation.

He is the international bestselling author of many books, including Mindfulness For Dummies.

Based in London, he runs workshops and speaks at conferences all over the world.
Shamash has also co-founded the world’s first Museum of Happiness in London. The museum is open to the public, and housed inside the UK’s largest homeless hostel, Arlington House.

More recently, Shamash co-founded the Zen of Business – a movement to empower anyone in business to work with greater wisdom and compassion, to try and leave people and planet in a better state than we found it.

Shamash is most passionate about Kindfulness and spent a year recording an online 8 week kindfulness course in full HD quality with over 20 guided Kindfulness meditations.