Co-creating Wellbeing Economies

Jul 13 - 17 2018

Join us for a chance to learn about localisation and "big picture activism" and find practical strategies for creating and supporting genuine spiritual, social, ecological, and economic renewal

How do we create a society that supports both people and planet? In this course, Helena Norberg-Hodge, a pioneer of the localisation movement, will offer inspiration and practical tools to engage in ‘big picture activism’, which unites change at the personal, as well as political level. A range of themes will be covered, from perspectives of the global North and South, including inner transformation, community-building, holistic learning and connecting with nature.
We will delve into personal healing as a key part of societal change and draw inspiration from the works of economic and spiritual leaders, like Gandhi and E.F. Schumacher. We will explore the steps needed to move toward integrated, human-scale economic structures in which deeply connected, heartfelt relationships
matter most of all. We’ll honour the wisdom and practical knowledge of indigenous cultures and learn from the kaleidoscope of people-powered movements around the world—a source of real hope for the future. This course will give you a global perspective on localisation and equip you with practical strategies for creating and supporting genuine spiritual, social, ecological, and economic renewal.


£285 for a luxurious dorm room (max 3 people to room)

£363 for twin room

£444 for double room single occupancy (£900 for double occupancy of double room)

£525 for King room single occupancy (£861 for double occupancy of King room)

£690 for Master Super King suite (£945 for double occupancy of master suite)



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Practitioners: Helena Norberg-HodgeStephen Harding

Helena Norberg-Hodge is pioneer of the worldwide localisation movement, and recipient of the Goi Peace prize and the ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’. She is the producer of the award-winning The Economics of Happiness and author of Ancient Futures – based on her in-depth knowledge of ancient Tibetan culture. She is the founder of Local Futures and The International Alliance for Localization, and a founding member of the International Forum on Globalisation and The Global Ecovillage Network.

Stephan Harding is Head of Holistic Science at Schumacher College, and has been the College’s resident ecologist and tutor since 1991. He has a doctorate in behavioural science from the University of Oxford, and is the author of Animate Earth: Science, Intuition and Gaia (2006).


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