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Jan 19 22 2017
Thursday 19th Jan to Sunday 22nd Jan 2017

Befriending Your Body


A three-day retreat in Somerset to guide and support you in cultivating a connected, compassionate and friendly relationship with yourself.
Four skilled and experienced practitioners deliver this message from different angles: Yoga, Tai Chi, Somatic Experiencing, neuroscience and meditation combined with walks in nature, delicious organic food and quiet time, all contribute to ease you into a deeper connection with yourself. In this Winter month we will provide a warm, safe and loving space to go inwards and to nurture wellbeing on all levels, building resilience for the year to come. Our intention is that with the help of ancient embodied practices, contemporary neuroscience, nature and an atmosphere of compassion, you are able to go deeper into a sense of embodiment and peace.

Early bird prices from £550 – £1300 depending on room choice.

All prices include accommodation, all organic meals, all classes and activities. Transport to and from venue is not included. Please note some rooms have ensuite facilities and some require a bathroom share with another room. The rooms will be allocated on a first come first serve basis depending on your chosen price bracket.

For more information:

Practitioners: Luciana FondarasAnita LewisPrahlad GalbiatiTom Gold-Blyth

Luciana is a body-oriented therapist with training in Jungian Psychology, Infant Development, Somatic Experiencing and Family Constellations. She works in private practice, in the area of post-traumatic growth, helping people move beyond their wounding to cultivate more accepting and compassionate relationships to their bodies and themselves.

Anita works as a yoga therapist, cranial sacral therapist and holds a B.A in adult nursing. She hopes to share her understanding of these practices in a gentle, accessible way that encourages open enquiry and conversation to foster collective insights and learning. Anita’s work explores how a slow and gentle trauma sensitive approach to yoga and mindful movement can support a kind and compassionate relationship with ourselves.

Prahlad is a Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist and a Somatic Experiencing practitioner. Drawing from his background in spiritual development, meditation an orientation to wholeness are an intrinsic aspect of his work. Over the last twelve years he has supported people with a variety of conditions including chronic disease, abuse, addiction and terminal illness.

Tom’s Tai Chi thrives within a flowing system that balances input from teachers, personal practice and working with people. In working with people Tom’s focus is on listening. Listening exists on many levels and becomes ever more subtle. Out of listening comes appropriate sharing from experience with understanding that each person takes responsibility for their growth and development. Practice and training support his development and he is currently working on; identification as ‘being’, enquiring into and fine-tuning structure and energy, experiencing and embodying universal principles, seeing change as process.