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Nov 4 6 2016
Friday 4th Nov to Sunday 6th Nov 2016

Ancestral Pathways : The Art of Remembering


‘Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth.’ – Hermann Hesse, ‘Wandering’

This wellbeing retreat is an invitation to unearth your wild roots and explore authentic practices that rekindle and deepen your relationship with yourself, our ancestors and Nature.

Carved within us are pathways of memory that guide us back to the source of our inspiration, creativity and joy. Through opening the channels of communication with our ancestors, we are able to access this inner wisdom and power, as we respond to their call to come home, back to this earth, and our ancient roots.

Trees provide a unique doorway to the garden of wisdom sown by our ancestors and act as noble companions as we journey deeper in to Nature. This weekend will bring you closer to our rooted friends and begin a re-wilding process that helps dissolve the barriers and limiting beliefs we hold that prevent freedom of expression and accessing spiritual guidance.

Through the mystical art of remembering, we will activate strands of energy that connect us to the stream of ancestral wisdom and our native spirit, enabling us to gather and integrate the forgotten parts of ourselves. Feeding our ancestors with our prayers and offerings, expressing our deepest longing, and giving ourselves through singing and silence, we will allow our hearts to be opened by devotion and gratitude, and restore an ancient relationship this is all too often forgotten in the modern world.

Playing with the elements and venturing in to Nature, you will be encouraged to become intimate with yourself and your surroundings, exploring your sensory body and awakening those primal parts of yourself that intuitively know how to be wild and rooted in the landscape. We will draw on the wisdom of our ancestors to attune to a deeper understanding of Nature’s cycles and how they affect us, and the power of ceremony and ritual. Guided by the trees, the land and our own unique experience, we will come together and co-create a ceremony that celebrates our love, appreciation and reverence for the earth and those that paved the way before us.

There will be opportunities for meditation, silence, reflection, dreaming, deep listening, singing, and joyful outbursts as we immerse ourselves in the magical lands of 42 Acres and the luxury of the inside space.

Prices range from £300 – £520 depending on accommodation.
To book or for more information, please email islajmacleod@gmail.com

Practitioner: Isla Macleod

Isla has been exploring indigenous traditions, ceremony, ritual and story since her childhood, spent in Nigeria and Japan, and through her studies of History, photography and Shamanism. Her inquiry has been guided by the question: ‘What gives meaning to human life’?

Spending periods of time as part of the supporting team at various meditation retreats, holding the space for others and co-ordinating the communal gardens, Isla unravelled her mind and gathered her spirit; weaving together a practice based on connecting with Nature, authenticity, expression and deep listening.

Whilst undertaking a training in shamanic healing, Isla was called to live in solitude in the ancient woodlands of Sussex, where her deepest training began, with Nature as her guide. The trees, mushrooms and plants became teachers and through her initiation with the yew tree and a pilgrimage to Islay, she was shown her purpose in life – to be a conduit for the trees and ancestral realms.

Facilitating a monthly walk in nature, ‘Journey with Trees’, Isla realized the incredible potential of reconnecting people to trees and ancient wisdom. Through cultivating a relationship with Nature and our ancestors based upon reverence, humility and openness, we are gifted the tools for self-healing, empowerment and fulfilment.

With further guidance from a Sangoma of the Xhosa tradition, focusing on ancestral healing and ceremony, Isla has been exploring ways to awaken the streams of wisdom of our Celtic lands and access the hidden parts of ourselves that paint the pearls of our own unique treasure.


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