Transformational Spring Retreat

Mar 8 - 10 2019

Subtly strengthening, disarmingly powerful weekend yoga retreat. 

Spring is the time for renewal, growth, reawakening and expansion. There is no better time to clear out emotional and mental clutter and invite more healthy tendencies into your life.

Take your practice to whole new depths and receive profound benefits on this transformational weekend retreat with Vajrasati Yoga founder, Jim Tarran.

Of the course of this wonderful weekend retreat Jim will share with you the wisdom of 3 decades of focused study and practice, giving you the tools to heal, connect, and restore your Self to its essential state of joy and wellbeing.


Pricing & Booking 

The price starts at just £495 for this all-inclusive fabulous weekend retreat of luxury accommodation, gourmet organic vegetarian food, ceremonial fire and the instruction,  support, and brilliant good humour of master yogi Jim Tarran.

Space is limited so if you are tempted to come along, book your spot and reserve your choice of room by clicking here to pay your £250 deposit.  We will be in touch again once you’ve reserved your spot and if you have any questions in the meantime then please do get in touch.


Practitioner: Jim Tarran

Jim’s classes are a joyous exploration of body, breath and mind, filled with profound insight, timeless wisdom and a whole lot of humour. You are certain to laugh out loud in Jim’s classes and then, when the laughter stops, you’ll realise that there has been a deep, and very positive, shift in the core of your being.


“Quite simply brilliant. Better than good wine. Jim is the most genuine, light-heart and profound teacher I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. He somehow talks directly to your muscle tissue, calling your whole Self into focus when you’re not looking. And he manages to be brilliantly funny in the process.” Dr Alice Eldridge


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