"Follow your soul. It knows the way." - Esther Alexander


We provide a space for:

Individuals to experience inner transformation.

Practitioners and healers to share their wisdom.

Leaders to create global change.

A path toward feeling well and truly alive.



Many backgrounds, one desire to create change.

Lara Tabatznik

Co Founder

Lara is the co-founder of 42 Acres. On her journey of inner-work and personal transformation, it became clear to her that true change comes from within.

During her time of self-discovery, Lara was privileged to both experience and witness how healing work can transform people. She felt a calling to create a dedicated home for others to have these life-changing experiences. A safe space for those with the desire to grow, dive deeper and actively engage with the world.

Lara dreams of combining her worlds of social change, consciousness and transformation –with a firm belief that when you allow yourself to go deeper inside, you can go further outside.

She previously founded Bertha Foundation, and aims to bring leadership and transformation into the organisation.

Seth Tabatznik

Co Founder

Seth is the co-founder of 42 Acres, bringing his commitment and passion for the environment into the initiative. Since 2011, he's managed Berti Investments, which supports young, environmentally focused businesses in the UK.

Previously working in central London, frequently found staring at a computer screen, Seth realised that his worlds of nature, self and impact were misaligned. He now lives in Somerset, working remotely on impact investments, evolving his home into a self sufficient farm and nature reserve.  

Martin White


Martin manages the day to day of the physical property and landscape at 42 Acres. The joy of working on the landscape is you can never tire of the rejuvenation of the Spring of both flora and a new generation of wildlife, the growth of winter planting and working the woods in the winter. Like his shark namesake, he refuses to live, or work in the captivity of walls. There has to be freedom to roam.

Jayne Morris

Operations Manager

Since childhood Jayne has held a vision for a planet filled with people who care. Inspired individuals who look after themselves and are collectively concerned about each other, their communities and the environment. A world where everyone follows their passions and purpose, creating healthy and sustainable lifestyles that they love.
While this might sound like long way from the world we live in today, she truly believes in big change being possible if we start, like Ghandi has said, with each one of us “being the change we wish to see”.

Jayne has trained with first class educational institutions in order to combine cutting edge coaching techniques with art psychotherapy, martial arts, meditation and multi-dimensional energy healing. She is the author of Burnout to Brilliance: Strategies for Sustainable Success and has featured in leading UK publications including The Telegraph, The Guardian and Daily Express, in addition to being a popular radio and TV guest. Since 2009 she has delivered 1-2-1 sessions, workshops and retreats worldwide. She has lived and worked in Japan, Germany, Spain, Belgium and Dubai.

Jayne loves creating positive connections and networks and is very keen to help practitioners from different backgrounds, with complimentary approaches, to collaborate and offer truly transformational retreats at 42 Acres.

Mark Mabon

Head Chef and Brand Catalyst

Mark’s life-long passion is exploring potential and transformation. His own experience of lifestyle change at 23 led him to open London’s first Juice bar and chain, one of 7 small businesses through the years, always focussed on personal or social change.
A fire-walk at 19, NLP trainings, many years in development groups, 3 years living in India practicing yoga and chi kung, long stints in South America studying shamanism and permaculture, he has recently completed professional training in systemic constellations, is an RC and NVC practitioner, but remains a chef, and food educator.
Mark lives in Somerset, has 2 daughters and runs Lovechefs with his wife Charlotte.

Felipe Viveros

Programme Development and Social Innovation

Felipe is a strategist and consultant specialising in campaigning, program design and fundraising. He has worked with governments and organisations globally, including the Tairona Trust and Illumina Studios. More recently he has become the European representative of the GNH Centre Bhutan a renown NGO that has pioneered the prototyping and implementation of a new development paradigm. Throughout his career Felipe has championed environmental campaigning and indigenous peoples rights and founded the Black Line Initiative, a groundbreaking environmental indigenous consultancy with the Kogi people of Colombia. He is an independent action researcher with a MSc in Holistic Science from Schumacher College, Totne

Andreea Bradu

House Host and Chef

Andreea is a creative cook and practitioner, with a delicate intuitive cooking ability, dedicated to share with people her deep love for creating meals that are physically and emotionally nourishing.

With a harmonious approach to flavour, she draws her inspiration from “soulful” traditional Romanian cooking, where food is seen as medicine. She has been holding, participating and catering for retreats, where she creates memorable culinary experiences that resonate with people and offer a distinct sense of togetherness. Andreea offers intuitive and creative cooking workshops at 42 Acres.

She can also provide individual and group sessions weaving sound healing, astrology, drama therapy and nature.

Axel Moon


Axel’s journey with food began as a young boy traveling and learning a wide range of delicious foods and cooking skills within the heart of families and on the streets around the world. Journeying across deserts following the spice routes, cooking under the canopy of infinite stars, making bread in the heat of dunes, navigating around hustling and bustling markets gathering the for the next feast, life has made me feel deeply inspired in sharing this creative passion with the world.

He was vegan for his first 23 years, was the head chef of a small restaurant, has run food stalls in gatherings and ceremonies, and co-created in restaurant start-ups in England, Portugal and Peru.

He has studied about conscious nutrition, different blood types, fasting and healing flushes, and loves to explore the vibrational and emotional effect food has on us. His food mantra is:

“The healthier our food, the healthier we are,
The fresher our food, the fresher we are,
The wilder our food, the wilder we are.”


We work with the land and its natural resources.
We have used reclaimed materials to outfit the interiors of our property
and all of our power is renewable and self generated
through biomass and solar.

food philosophy

The food at 42 ACRES is second to none. We are obsessed by providing the highest quality, locally sourced organic and biodynamic foods and ingredients that sustain the health and vitality of our bodies and our community. We believe in the restorative and regenerative benefits of meals prepared with care and shared with compassion. We even forage many wild ingredients from the land.

The Kitchen at 42 Acres

Our chefs are committed to creating meals that are diverse, colourful, flavourful, healthy and satisfying. Nourishment of both body and soul are integral to your stay with us. As such, know that the food you eat will be prepared with love, imagination, care and attention.

Culinary Philosophy

With few exceptions, we prepare food in our own kitchen using organic, hand-made ingredients and ferments. We source from a number of small heritage producers who maintain the highest standards of care and ethics in their operations.

We avoid processed foods (including refined sugar) and use only cold-pressed oils and unrefined Atlantic sea salt in food preparation. Our breads are made from organic sourdoughs (gluten-free options are available as well).

We serve only pasture-fed, local, organic meat and wild game, and obtain our milk, butter, yogurt and cheeses from 100% pasture fed organic goats, sheep and cows. The fish we prepare and serve is always freshly line-caught from UK coastal waters.