Food philosophy

Central to so much of what we do is our deep appreciation for high quality, sustainably sourced, organic food. 42 ACRES Somerset also acts as a working farm where fruit and vegetables are grown on the land using varying methods of farming techniques that help regenerate the soil and give back the nutrients to the land. Whether applying biodynamic, permaculture or non-plough techniques we find the best methods to suit our local landscape and bring retreat guests delicious, locally sourced food.

Tamara Arbib

"This is one of the most special spots I’ve ever encountered. To be able to share it with the team was an honour. Thank you."

Tamara Arbib, Founder of Rebel Kitchen

Bas van Abel

"Living fully, feeling pure and breathing in history describe some of the sensations I felt during my stay at 42 Acres."

Bas van Abel, Founder of Fairphone

"Nothing could have prepared me for the depths of healing work I experienced here..."

Emilé Rushton